Our Story

The Wildweb was first created back in 2014 as a network to connect people directly to important wildlife conservation projects around the world. This made wildlife volunteering more accessible for everyone and enabled projects on our network to find volunteers and donations to support their conservation efforts.

Over the years our network has grown to support almost 100 international wildlife projects, sending thousands of animal loving volunteers to more than 35 countries to make a difference.

Check out our website here to learn more, or watch our wildlife volunteering video below:

Following the success of thewildweb.org, we decided to find a way to connect more people to the important wildlife projects and provide them with even more support. Which is where the idea to create a clothing brand was born.

The concept was simple, we would create unique clothing that would be connected to specific wildlife projects on our network, they would then receive a donation along with every sale to support their work. This gives our animal loving community another way to support and champion international wildlife conservation (whilst looking great at the same time!). All of our clothing would be individually made to order, 100% organic, ethically sourced and climate neutral.

Having just launched Wildweb clothing, this is still a work in progress but watch this space for some exciting developments coming soon!